Oliella Inspiration

Insect Repellent

My daughter Isabella was the inspiration for the MosquitoGo range of insect repellents and the start of OliElla. It has been tried and tested around the world with amazing results even in malaria infested Tanzania and not one bite!

As a child Isabella suffered from a variety of skin irritations and had an extreme reaction to insect bites…

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Having used every product on the market to try to help, from the poisonous to the ‘green’, I found none of them did what they said or were as ‘natural’ as they promised.

The biggest problem with many of the products on the market is the toxic fumes that everyone breathes in. As the skin is the largest organ, it absorbs all the chemicals really quickly. I even invested in some natural insect repellent but discovered it contained alcohol that burns Isabella’s skin and I also found that most of the products have perfume and preservatives that are not natural.

It slowly began to dawn on me that I would have to do the research and make my own product for her. Once I began, it reminded me I had made my own products using natural ingredients and essential oils when I was in boarding school. I made the most amazing natural face scrubs for myself and my friends, and they really worked!

In fact, for as long as I can remember I have made different products for friends and family and have always got some natural remedy / concoction / advice for friends and their kids and all their different ailments. Friends often tease me about what’s coming out of my cauldron next.

I guess looking back, Oliella is just an extension of what I have always quite naturally done and love doing…



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