About Us

DeidreWelcome to our OliElla website….

The products you will find on the site are handmade by myself and made from 100% natural and organic ingredients that are responsibly sourced. I am a mother who has always had a deep interest and passion for natural products. Click here to read about my inspiration.

I have spent way too much time and money searching and trying products that didn’t do what it said on the label. When my children were born, I became even more particular. I soon discovered they had really sensitive skin and suffered from eczema, rashes, were sensitive to chlorine, and were magnets for insect bites etc. I decided the time had come to put my knowledge and passion into practice.

That started a good few years ago and finally I am able to bring you:


After Sun and Mosquito Go LotionsAfter Sun and Mosquito Go Lotions